Comworks CO.,LTD.

Founded in 1995, we specialize in video equipment and services within Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

CEO Shigeru Jinno
Established July 1997
Location 2-9-24 Honta, Urawa Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture

Business Operations

We offer a range of solutions, including

Sales of video production equipment

Network camera systems

Live streaming distribution services

Related system integration

We combine hardware and software expertise to deliver comprehensive video solutions. Our strength lies in developing advanced systems that leverage networks and cloud technology.

Our core service is a cloud-based live streaming system. This system can receive video feeds from multiple locations on a cloud server. Here, functionalities like switching, caption insertion, title and image overlays, and processing can be performed centrally, minimizing the burden on on-site equipment and personnel. This innovative system is ideal for multi-location live streaming scenarios.

Building on this platform, we offer user-friendly, automated solutions. These include cloud surveillance camera systems and cloud video production systems. These systems can be easily set up and used immediately, empowering users to take control of their video needs.

Main client

  • NHK Enterprise Co., Ltd.
  • NHK Broadcasting Technology Research Institute TBS Television Co., Ltd.
  • Kyoshin Communications Co., Ltd.
  • Koshino Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Systema Co., Ltd. Shirakura Co., Ltd.
  • SoftBank Corp. SB C&S Co., Ltd.
  • Tivies Next Co., Ltd.
  • Daiwabo Information Systems Co., Ltd.
  • Hitachi Co., Ltd.
  • High Tech Solutions National Bussan Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Broadcasting Corporation Sanyu Co., Ltd.
  • Yamaguchi Co., Ltd.
  • Sanyu Co., Ltd.
  • Yokoshinedia Co., Ltd.
  • WOWOW Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Cable Lab Sankyu Co., Ltd.
  • Kinden Co., Ltd.
  • Sekisui House Co., Ltd.
  • Daisan Co., Ltd.
  • Kyoritsu Eizo Co., Ltd.

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