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CloudStudio is a cloud-based platform running on AWS that empowers users to remotely handle live streaming pre-processing tasks and productions from anywhere. This platform integrates third-party software for video switching, mixing, and inserting titles and subtitles, empowering users to create professional-quality live streams without needing expensive equipment or specialized knowledge.

Remote Accessibility

By aggregating content for live stream within CloudStudio, it is possible to operate the live streams from anywhere and conduct live broadcasts.

Cost Effective

Say good bye to expensive hardware investments and maintenance costs. With CloudStudio you pay according to your requirement.

High Performance

Build on AWS cloud platform, CloudStudio delivers high performance under heavy workloads, ensuring smooth and reliable live streaming.

Quality Production

Create professional-grade live streams with the powerful combination of vMix and SRT MiniServer, all on the reliable CloudStudio platform.

With CloudStudio

Go live from anywhere

Seamless operation, anywhere, anytime!

Remote Live Stream Operation

Integration with various cameras & software

File Share

Main Features

Live Streaming
You can perform stable live streaming from the cloud.
Operation with the Web Controller
You can easily operate it from smartphones and tablets
You can record camera footage and streaming video.
File storage & File Share
You can share files between servers in CloudStudio or local storage and also store data.
You can perform video switching, compositing, and other actions.
Pseudo-live streaming
You can broadcast pre-recorded and edited videos like a television program.
Multiple camera aggregation
You can aggregate up to eight video streams per video pool server.


A complete live video production and live streaming software solution.


SRT MiniServer

It’s a Windows app for accepting SRT feeds and converting to NDI for the next production steps.


RTMP MiniServer

It accepts RTMP – streams and converts them to NDI for usage in a production workflow.



Free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming.


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Target Audience

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To The Cloud with CloudStudio

Unleash the power of the cloud with CloudStudio, your one-stop solution for remote software access and device integration.

Utilize the limitless potential of ⁩the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud with CloudStudio, our innovative platform that empowers your various operations.

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Studio Sets

CloudStudio users can provision virtual PCs with already specified sets by CloudStudio

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Administrative Sets

CloudStudio administrators can provision virtual PCs with user specifications.

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Specific Use Sets

For demanding tasks, CloudStudio can provision high-performance virtual PCs with powerful CPUs and GPUs.


Best Services




Use Case


Survaillances Management System

AXIS Camera Station was run in CloudStudio, enabling remote access from anywhere with the client, easy to access, easy to setup, secure recording, and live viewing.

AI Video Analysis

By connecting a network camera to the cloud, it is possible to analyze images (video) for various purposes using the AI analysis service provided in CloudStudio.such as people counting, abnormal behavior detection, congestion status confirmation, vehicle number authentication, river monitoring, etc


Video Editing

CloudStudio allows you to perform 8K editing, a process traditionally difficult to do locally, at a reasonable price. Utilizing DaVinci Resolve, one of the world’s leading solutions, you can perform tasks such as video editing, color correction, color grading, motion graphics, etc.

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Third-Party Software

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